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Mr. Qi Yang
Senior Vice President

Mr. Qi Yang joined VNET in May 2024 and currently serves as our senior vice president. Mr. Yang also serves as assistant chief executive officer and head of the Industrial Investment Management Division of Shandong Hi-Speed Holdings Group Limited ("SDHG"), chief executive officer of China Shandong Hi-Speed Capital (HK) Limited, and vice chairman of Shandong Hi-Speed (Shenzhen) Equity Investment Fund Management Limited. since May 2020. Prior to that, Mr. Yang worked for CCB International (Holdings) Limited, as an executive director of the Direct Investment Department of CCB International Asset Management Limited, being responsible for investments in equity and debt projects. He has extensive experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset management and project investment. Mr. Yang received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, a master's degree in telecommunications from University College London, a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, and a master’s degree in financial mathematics from the University of Chicago.